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Truck Accidents | Tempe, AZ

Tempe, AZ

Tempe Truck Accident Lawyers

With Tempe becoming a prime area for shipping and logistic companies in Arizona, truck accidents are becoming a common occurrence for Tempe residents. Truck drivers are under strict state and federal regulations and when these rules are ignored, these massive vehicles cause mayhem on the streets of Tempe. With years of experience in trucking accidents in Arizona, our experienced attorneys have handled a diverse range of cases.

Most Common Truck Accidents in Tempe

Insufficient Training or Experience

Tempe Trucking companies are always looking at the bottom line of increasing profits, even if it means jeopardizing everyone in Tempe by hiring inexperienced truck drivers.

Overloaded / Unsecured Cargo

Trucks that are exceed the gross weight limit or have unsecured cargo are at a greater risk in causing an accident.

Poor Maintenance

These semi-trucks travel thousands of miles in a month, truck drivers and their companies are responsible with ensuring up-to-date maintenance for these vehicles. Common accidents related to poor maintenance are tire blow outs and brake failures.

Reckless Driving

With shipment deadlines to meet, truck drivers are prone to reckless driving behavior such as speeding, improper lane changes and tailgating. There has been an increase in truck accidents in Tempe due to truck drivers and their reckless behavior.

Driver Fatigue

Tired and sleepy drivers are one of the main causes of truck accidents in Tempe and the rest of Arizona. There are strict regulations that dictate the amount of time a driver can be driving at any time.

Hurt in a Tempe Truck Accident?

Driving a truck in a congested area such as Tempe is a very difficult and complex thing. Truck drivers are supposed to be highly trained but that is becoming less common. If you have been involved in a truck accident in Tempe, it is imperative that you hire an experienced truck accident attorney. Please give us a call today to discuss your Tempe truck accident.