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Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents


Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

From the open stretch of the I-10 to the narrow corridors of the I-17, trucking accidents are becoming a daily occurrence for those in Arizona. With Arizona being a major shipping and logistics hub, thousands of trucks are on our freeways at any given time. When these truck drivers ignore regulations and rules, these massive vehicles cause mayhem on the road for everybody!


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With years of experience in trucking accidents in Arizona these are some of the most common accidents on Arizona roads and freeways.

  • Truck Driver Carelessness
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving Intoxicated or Under the Influence of Narcotics
  • Improper Maintenance of a Truck
  • Brake defects or Tire blowouts
  • Speeding and Aggressive Driving
  • And more!

Becoming a truck driver requires hours of training and special licenses and they must adhere to regulations governing these huge machines. Unfortunately, many trucking companies put profit before safety and ignore regulations and allow under trained and unqualified drivers behind the wheels of these trucks. If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Arizona, please give our office a call for a consultation!

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