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Medical Malpractice | Nogales, AZ

Nogales, AZ

Nogales Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The last thought for many patients when visiting a Nogales doctor or nurse is to be a victim of negligence by these trained healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, many Nogales medical professionals fail to live up to the medical standards bestowed upon them which result in serious injuries and even death to Nogales patients!

If you have been a victim of medical malpractice by a Nogales healthcare professional, you are entitled to compensation that covers cost of fixing the harm that was done to you. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Cronus Law PLLC have years of experience with Nogales medical malpractice cases. Our Nogales medical malpractice attorneys have handle cases such as but not limited to the following areas:

Prescription Drug Errors

If a Nogales doctor or pharmacists prescribed and administered wrong medication or incorrect dosages that led to illness or other physical or mental defects.

Surgical & Anesthesia Errors

If a Nogales doctor or nurse operated on an incorrect organ, patient, limbs or had unsanitary procedures that led to infection or inflammation.

Failure to & Wrongful Diagnoses

Misidentification of illnesses such as cancers or providing incorrect reading of lab results

Birth Injuries & Obstetric Malpractices

Death of a mother or child and other birth issues such as fractures, brain damages or cerebral palsy.

When it comes to Nogales medical malpractice cases, the experienced attorneys at Cronus Law PLLC spare no expense when it comes to analyzing your case. This means that our medical malpractice will provide an in-depth analysis on what caused you harm and we’ll consult with 3rd party medical professionals and reconstruct the details of your procedures or treatment. We use all of this in a complex strategy to ensure that the Nogales healthcare professional who caused you harm is held accountable!

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