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What is A Mechanics Lien?

One of the most issued type of liens in Pine are mechanic liens, which serve as a tool to enforce payment for a fulfilled service that has been unpaid. Mechanic liens are usually released and removed upon the confirmation of payment. If payment can’t be made, the property is usually sized and sold to recover the cost of payment.

How to release a lien?

Removing a mechanics’ lien on a Pine property is a very complex process! If you are a Pine homeowner that has a lien filed against you or are thinking about buying a Pine property that has a lien, experienced legal consul is crucial to get a lien removed. Pine property and homeowners can generally resolve a lien by, paying the lien in full, allow the lien holder to seize the property or disputing the validity of the lien.

The Cronus Law Difference

With decades of assisting Pine residents and business owners removing invalid liens, we offer alternative resolution techniques when it comes to lien removals. The techniques include litigation, mediation and arbitration. Pine lien laws are very complex, which is why it is important to hire only experienced consul. Please give us a call today for a consultation on your Pine lien law needs!