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Lien Law

Lien Law


Experienced Arizona Lien Lawyers

Arizona has some of the toughest lien laws in the nation, if filed against you, liens have a devastating affect on your personal property. One of the most common liens in Arizona is called a mechanics lien, mechanic liens such as a tool for enforcing payment for a specific service. In the event in which a mechanics lien, the holder of the mechanics lien may sell the property to recover payment.

If you are a homeowner or have just purchased a property in which there is a current lien on your property, the experienced lien attorneys at Cronus Law PLLC can assist! Cronus Law offers full-service representation for lien cases, with years of experience in removing liens you can rest assured that we can provide excellent results!


Removing a mechanic’s lien on a property is a very complex process, which is why experienced representation is very crucial! There are three general options when it comes to removal of a lien; paying the lien in full, allow for the lien holder to seize the property or challenge the validity of the lien. On top of these methods, Cronus Law are experts in alternative resolutions when it comes to removal of liens, as we’ve successful have had liens removed through litigation.

With years of experience and understanding of the complex lien laws, we’re able to provide a cost-effective approach when it comes to lien removal. Please give us a call today if you need to have a lien remove!

Our lawyers have assisted many clients in the following Arizona cities:

Casa Grande, AZ / Chandler, AZ / Flagstaff, AZ / Gilbert, AZ / Glendale, AZ / Mesa, AZ / Nogales, AZ / Paradise Valley, AZ / Payson, AZ / Phoenix, AZ / Pine, AZ / Prescott, AZ / Scottsdale, AZ / Tempe, AZ / Tucson, AZ

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