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Jeff Bouma


Jeff Bouma

Attorney | Partner

John Jeffry Bouma is as close to an Arizona native as one can be without having been born here. “Jeff” was 6 months old when his parents were stationed at Fort Huachuca near Sierra Vista in 1960. His first memories are of wandering the high desert plains and fields of the base housing complex with his dad’s German short-haired pointer According to family lore, this was without permission and resulted in multiple punishments and lectures, none of which were successful in quashing Jeff’s wander-lust, need to explore the world or desire to try new things, especially when told “No”.

Jeff arrived in Phoenix in 1962 when his father, John joined a small,  little-known firm, Snell & Wilmer. It was the only job John ever had and he still practices there. Jeff was raised around lawyers and absorbed the culture like a sponge. The lessons learned manifested themselves early and often in Jeff’s love of a good argument, desire to learn about why things are the way they are and how they can be changed for the better and in his constant need to challenge unjust authority. 

John not only passed on his love of the law to Jeff, he also passed on his love of the outdoors. The family’s weekends were packed with hunting, fishing, skiing and boating trips. Later, when Jeff and his sisters were older, they also included trips across the U.S. and to other parts of the world, a tradition which continues still and which has been passed down to the next generation.

Jeff was also active in scouting, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. Jeff became active in technical rock climbing, mountaineering and back country skiing. It was these love that led him to NAU to study Environmental and Political Science and to decide to become an pro-environment environmental lawyer.

Jeff has been practicing law in Arizona since 1988. In the early years, Jeff focused exclusively on Medical Malpractice litigation and Public Interest Environmental Litigation (including Toxic Tort Class and Mass actions, Endangered Species protection and Clean Air and Water enforcement cases) In the 1990’s Jeff’s practice expanded to include Civil Rights litigation and Catastrophic Personal Injury.    Mr. Bouma received his A-V rating in 1997 and, since 2003, has been continually listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Resister of Preeminent Lawyers in both Environmental Litigation and Medical Malpractice litigation.

Jeff is also an entrepreneur, having worked as general counsel for several small businesses including Inline Electrical Resources, Inc. (“IER”) an award winning, Arizona based company which specialized in retrofitting office buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, parking structures and Casinos in Arizona and Nevada with energy efficient “green” lighting and control systems.  In 2008, Mr. Bouma and William Stine started Southwest Medical Systems, Inc. (SWMS) and Southwest Liens (SWL) in 2012. SWMS and SWL were the first completely electronic medical lien filing system in Arizona to serve hospitals and medical group. SWMS was selected by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office and the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office to participate in a 5 year pilot program to test the feasibility of expanding electronic filing using cutting edge technologies such as electronic signature tokens, electronic notary stamps and mass volume recording. Building on the success of SMS and the demand for similar services for smaller medical providers, Mr. Bouma and Mr. Stine created Southwest Liens which allowed individual offices and medical providers to access the same electronic lien recording, filing and management services that their hospital customers used. Both companies are still going concerns and, like IER, still clients of Mr. Bouma and Cronus Law. Jeff also owns Arizona Motorcycle Service Co. and Insane Custom Cycles, which are local businesses devoted to clients serving the needs of Arizona’s cycling community.

Even when he was developing new businesses, Mr. Bouma still maintained an active litigation practice and was sought out by other attorneys to co-counsel in large, complex medical malpractice, toxic tort and catastrophic personal injury cases, representing who were killed or maimed by negligent nursing homes, trucking companies, slumlords and police departments. In 2012, Mr. Bouma joined his friend, Dennis Wilenchik and added commercial litigation to his expanded list of trial skills. Mr. Bouma was one of the first attorneys in Arizona to handle cases involving Medical Marijuana, successfully challenging the Arizona Department of Health’s excessively restrictive, illegal and unconstitutional regulations of the industry. Mr. Bouma and his co-counsel in the case were successful in obtaining court rulings which invalidated large chunks of the Departments regulations which would have prevented many licensed dispensaries and grow facilities from opening, despite their compliance with the statue passed by Arizona Voters.

Mr. Bouma not only represented businesses fighting excessive regulation, but handled internal business disputes for companies of all size. It was though these cases that Mr. Bouma met his current partners, Yash Pahwa and Matt Hum, who came up with the “virtual law office” business model that is now Cronus Law, PLLC. Mr. Bouma recognized the enormous implications of Yash and Matt’s vison and they recognized the value of having a partner with 30 years of trial experience and real world experience in building and running next generation businesses. The deal was hashed out over lunch, settled with a hand shake and 1 week later, Jeff and his staff. Joined Yash, Matt and their staff to form the core of what is now Cronus Law PLLC, Arizona’s first (and only) virtual law firm

Jeff is a past member of the American Bar Association Professional Negligence, Environmental and Pharmaceutical Torts Sections, Tort, Civil Rights and Insurance Practice Sections. Jeff is a current member of the and The State Bar of Arizona Litigation Section, Environmental, Natural Resources Law Section and Business Law Section. Jeff has held numerous positions in the Environmental sections of the Maricopa County Bar Association Environmental Section, including Chairman, where he over saw the transformation of the section into Committee.  He has also held numerous positions on the Executive Council of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section of the State Bar of Arizona since his election to the ENRLS board in 1996. 

 Jeff also belongs to the American Association for Justice, and a member of its Civil Rights, Medical Malpractice, Trucking and Professional Negligence Sections. He is also a Sustaining Member of the Arizona Association for Justice.  Mr. Bouma has written and lectured extensively on the issues of Environmental, Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Litigation.

Mr. Bouma enjoys hunting, fly fishing, golf and motorcycles. For 4 years, he was a supporter of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) an International 501 C 3 organization dedicated to empowering abused children not to be afraid of the world in which they live. Mr. Bouma also co-founded “Independent Rider, Inc.” a Arizona 501 C 3 which sponsors, organizes and conducts motorcycle rides and related events for local charities, including its long association with and support of Colleen’s Dream Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research.