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Gilbert Immigration Lawyers

At Cronus Law, our Gilbert immigration lawyers have a long history of assisting those who are navigating the complex immigration system. With immigration laws pertaining to both federal and state legislations, it is imperative that you hire an experienced immigration attorney for your Gilbert immigration case.

Like many others in Gilbert who are facing an immigration case that involves traveling, visiting or immigrating over to the United States, you need the dedicated and experienced immigration attorneys at Cronus Law. Our legal staff is multi-lingual and have assisted clients from across the globe, in countries such as Mexico, China and Brazil. With decades of experience in handling immigration cases on both the state and federal level, we’ve assisted our Gilbert clients in the following immigration areas.


Deportations are very common in Gilbert and if your loved one is currently in the process of deportation, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately! The Gilbert immigration lawyers at Cronus Law can assist in getting your family member released from both federal and state authorities.

 Citizenship & Naturalization

There are many ways to become a citizen of the United States. The Gilbert immigration lawyers at Cronus Law can assist individuals who are seeking citizenship through the means of naturalization.

 Asylum & Refugee

Our immigration lawyers understand that not everyone enjoys the same freedom and privileges as those who reside in the United States. Which is why our immigration attorneys take Gilbert immigration cases regarding asylum and refugees very personally. We’ve helped hundreds of individuals escape authoritarian regimes to be reunited with their families here in the united states.

 Immigration (Family Based)

We can assist family members with immigrating a loved one over via Green Cards and other forms of family sponsorships. Reuniting families is one of the most rewarding things for us and we strive to assist you through every step of the immigration process.

Immigration (Business Based)

If you are a Gilbert business who is seeking to assist a potential employee immigrate to the United States. Our immigration attorneys are very experienced with the EB5 Employment Green Card and H1B Visa program and can assist you with your immigration needs.

The Cronus Law Experience

With the recent administration change, Gilbert immigration laws are only getting more complex. Which is why it’s very important that you hire the highest caliber of immigration representation possible. The immigration attorneys at Cronus Law will provide nothing but comprehensive, responsive and dedicated service to all of our Gilbert. Please give us a call today for a consultation regarding your immigration case.