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Our immigration attorneys are fully dedicated to immigration law for the sole purpose of assisting those who need to travel, visit, or fully immigrate over to the United States. Our multilingual staff has assisted Arizona clients in the following immigration areas:

Deportation Defense

Deportation can easily interrupt and even ruin the lives of immigrants who are currently living in the state of Arizona. Deportation proceedings usually occur when an apparent immigration or criminal violation occurs within the state of Arizona. Our experienced immigration lawyers have assisted many clients in deportation proceedings.

Sponsored Immigration

Whether you’re looking to sponsor a family member or you’re a business looking to sponsor a potential employee, our immigration attorneys can assist with filing for the proper visas. For family immigration, we can assist with green cards through marriage, fiancé visa and I-485 Child Adjustment of Status. For Employers, we can assist with green cards through employment, EB-5 employment green card and H-1B Employment visa.

Citizenship & Naturalization

There are many ways to become a United States citizen, from being born on U.S soil or territory to being born to U.S parents or through the naturalization process. Becoming a citizen of the United States is very complex and our immigration attorneys can guide you through this complex system.

Green Cards

At Cronus Law, we strive to assist individuals in reuniting with their family members, which is why we’re experienced with the complex legislation surrounding green cards. If you are looking to assist a family member in immigrating to the United States, experienced legal counsel from Cronus Law is a must!

Immigration Appeals

We understand the devastating impact of receiving a denial on an immigration case. By using the experienced immigration attorneys at Cronus Law, we can assist you with winning your immigration case by appealing an immigration judge’s decision. We’ve worked across the appellate levels in the immigration system and have won cases in the following court systems:

  • The Board of Immigration Appeals
  • The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Administrative Appeals Office

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When it comes to your future or the future of a loved one, it’s important that you receive the highest level of immigration counsel possible. At Cronus Law, we strive to provide nothing but comprehensive, responsive and affordable services. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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