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Gun Trust | Pine, AZ

Pine, AZ

Protect Your Firearms in Pine

At Cronus Law PLLC our experienced estate planning attorneys understand the volatile environment when it comes to federal legislations against firearms. Our law firm firmly believes that the 2nd amendment right shouldn’t be infringed upon by the federal government, which is why we offer very complex NFA gun trusts to ensure that your firearms are protected.

Cronus Law PLLC is the first stop for many gun owners in the Pine area for a high-quality Arizona NFA gun trust that is recognized by the ATF and other federal agencies. We offer custom prepared gun trust that fit your unique situation. Unlike the countless gun stores in Pine that offer a one size fit all document that may not be ATF compliant, our gun trust attorneys have years of experience in drafting these types of legal documents.


The best way to avoid legal complications with owning a firearm and transferring of a NFA item is using a certified gun trust. Gun trusts are very important in Pine as they provide a legal outline on who has legal access to your NFA items or firearms. Gun trust are very versatile as they can be updated, changed or ended at any time during the grantors lifetime.

Pine Gun Trust Attorney

By utilizing a well drafted gun trust by a Pine Gun Trust attorney, you are able to avoid government intervention when it comes to transferring NFA items or firearms during the time of death. Like any trust, a Pine Gun Trust is a legal estate planning document that is legally binding by law. You should not utilize those gun trust forms sold over the internet without consulting an experienced gun trust lawyer in Pine, AZ.

Cronus Law PLLC offers a consultation for gun trust in Pine, AZ. Make an appointment today and protect your rights!