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Gun Trust

Gun Trust


What is a NFA Gun Trust?

NFA firearms or better known as Title 2 weapons are specific firearms and accessories that are regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934. The NFA currently regulates the sales of fully automatic weapons, short barreled rifles (SBRs), short barreled shotguns (SBSs), suppressors, destructive devices and all other weapons (pen gun, briefcase submachine gun, etc.).

An NFA gun trust is an estate planning tool that allows authorized trustees or beneficiaries the flexibility of acquiring and transferring NFA regulated firearms and accessories with convenience and security.


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Why do I need a NFA Gun Trust?

An NFA gun trust that is properly set up by an experienced gun trust lawyer is a powerful legal tool that is compliant with the National Firearms Act offering Arizona gun owners legal protection and flexibility with their NFA items. Gun trusts provide the following benefits to their trustees:

  • No CLEO signature needed (Pre 07/13/2016)
  • No fingerprint cards needed (Pre 07/13/2016)
  • No photos needed (Pre 07/13/2016)
  • All trustees can handle NFA items outlined in trust
    • Removes constructive possession issues that could potentially lead to serious legal consequences (i.e. 5 years’ imprisonment and/or $250,000.00 in fines)
  • Beneficiary distribution outline
    • No transfer process to heirs
    • Heirs avoid probate
  • Quicker processing by BATFE
  • Privacy – Trust that the government will not inventory your gun collection
  • Protects your NFA items from future government regulations

The Cronus Law Experience

The experienced estate planning attorneys at Cronus Law PLLC understand the civil freedoms and liberties that the founding fathers provided to all U.S citizens. With overreach arm of the federal government and the decreasing power of the 2nd amendment, it is important to ensure that your firearms are in safe hands!

Unlike those online services and gun shops that provide prebuilt one size fits all gun trust documents, we are able to assist many Arizona clients build complex gun trust that fit their unique needs. We assist clients throughout Arizona in cities such as:

Casa Grande, AZ / Chandler, AZ / Flagstaff, AZ / Gilbert, AZ / Glendale, AZ / Mesa, AZ / Nogales, AZ / Paradise Valley, AZ / Payson, AZ / Phoenix, AZPrescott, AZ / Scottsdale, AZ / Tempe, AZ / Tucson, AZ

Remember, at Cronus Law PLLC we don’t offer instant generated forms like many other law firms. Our gun trust is a fully vetted estate planning document that will provide protection for the overreach arm of the ATF. Call us today for a consultation!

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