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Civil Litigation Attorney in Tempe

Are you currently involved in a civil litigation matter and need experienced legal consul or representation? The experienced civil litigation attorneys at Cronus Law PLLC have been assisting those in Tempe in navigating the complex judicial process that are involved with litigation matters. We’ve handled a broad range of litigation cases in Tempe that pertain to but are not limited to the following areas:

Personal Injury

Were you involved in an unexpected incident in Tempe that caused life changing injuries? Those involved in auto accidents, medical malpractice and other life altering accidents should be compensated for their injuries. We’ve helped hundreds of clients in Tempe receive compensation to cover their medical expenses.

Debt Settlement

Debt collectors in Tempe are known to have very aggressive practices! If a credit card company, bank or a 3rd party lending business is currently seeking litigation against you, experienced civil ligation attorneys are a must! We can assist in reducing amounts owed and end harassment from Tempe debt collectors.


Unknown to many, discrimination runs rampant in Tempe, AZ. Many of our clients have experienced discrimination when seeking employment and housing due to their gender, age, sexual orientation and religion. State and federal law prohibit any form of discrimination. If you have been discriminated in Tempe, you can seek compensation for damages!


Tempe is home to one of the highest divorce rates in the country. We understand the difficulties when it comes to negotiating alimony amounts or negotiating the prearranged amount. With years of experiences on both side, we can assist with resolving alimony issues that is fair to both parties.

Tempe Lawsuit Attorney

For many people that are experiencing a civil litigation in Tempe, Cronus Law PLLC is the first and only civil litigation law firm for many! Unlike those billboard law firms around Tempe, we offer a very sophisticated and detailed approach to all of our civil litigation cases.

Cronus Law PLLC is known through the state of Arizona for providing high quality representation and legal counsel for civil litigation matters.

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