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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation


Looking For A Civil Litigation Attorney?

Do you need to file a lawsuit or have had a lawsuit filed against you? Going through a lawsuit is an extremely complicated process and it is recommended that you consult with an experienced civil litigation attorney? 


Cronus Law PLLC has assisted many individuals with a broad range of civil litigation issues that includes but not limited to:

Personal Injury

We understand that life is unexpected and you may encounter life changing injuries from incidents such as auto accidents, medical malpractice among others. We’ve helped hundreds of injured clients receive the compensation that they deserved.


Going through a divorce is already difficult but when alimony is involved the situation can get a lot more complex. We’ve represented clients on both sides, from negotiating alimony amounts to trying to have the prearranged amount changed.

Debt Settlement

 If you are being sued by a creditor, our experienced civil litigation attorneys can assist with significantly reducing debts without bankruptcy. With years of experience working with banks, credit card companies and third party debt creditors we can assist you with your debt issues!


The core values that we encompass is equality for all of our clients, which is why we take a very hardline approach when our clients have been discriminated against based on their ethnic race, age, sex, gender orientation and religion. We are here to protect the rights of everyone!


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Best Lawsuit Attorney

Many of our clients consider us to be the best lawsuit lawyers around town, we provide responsible, detailed and sophisticated legal consul to meet the unique case needs for all of our clients. We understand the financial burden when it comes to hiring a civil litigation lawyer, which is why we offer cost effective solutions for all.

Cronus Law PLLC is known throughout Arizona for providing very high quality legal representation for all civil litigation matters, we have assisted many clients across Arizona for their civil litigation needs in the following cities:

Casa Grande, AZ / Chandler, AZ / Flagstaff, AZ / Gilbert, AZ / Glendale, AZ / Mesa, AZ / Nogales, AZ / Paradise Valley, AZ / Payson, AZ / Phoenix, AZ / Prescott, AZ / Scottsdale, AZ / Tempe, AZ / Tucson, AZ

Please give us a call today, we provide consultation and are ready to take on your civil litigation case!